Bird Boarding & Grooming
by appointment ONLY, No walk-ins


Toucan Jungle 

"Vista office location"

Reservations are required, Healthy birds only



Need to travel and leave your bird behind ? Be assured that your birds will receive the best possible care in a clean, safe, supervised environment. Boarders are surrounded by other bird friends, visiting customers. High daily input to relieve separation anxiety that ensures your return to a happy pet.  Boarding birds will receive daily healthy treats such as apple, green beans & Papaya same as we feed our birds.  24 hour supervision & security.

Please email:

Grooming YOUR BIRd

Wing & Toenail Trimming , Toenails clipped NOT filed...

Cockatiel / Green Cheek Conure size or smaller birds $15.00 per bird
Amazon Parrots, African Greys, Cockatoos & Macaws $20.00 each
 PLEASE NOTE: We can only trim birds in "good health", Not negotiable, No overweight or very old birds & other health issues, Wing and toenail trimming can be stressful to the bird 

We do this with one or two people in a back room same as a veterinarian NOT in our open to the public area.
Birds must arrive in a carrier or small safe cage.  NO LOOSE BIRDS 

Takes 5 to 10 minutes per bird.
"Vista Trading Post" AKA "Toucan Jungle Office"
location: 2040 east Vista Way, Vista Ca 92084

by "Appointment ONLY" 760-672-0127