African Grey Parrots
Many Pairs set up for breeding
African grey parrots are an easy species to breed if done properly with good quality birds to start with.
Must be housed properly with a never ending balanced diet.
We breed greys inside to control environment.
All our breeding pairs are pre owned pets tame and talking that we slowly paired up making sure they have similar personalities so they get along.
We have pairs that produce from 3 or 9 babies a year. We are constantly pairing up more pairs for future breeding.
We use IQbirdtesting for DNA and disease testing of potential breeding birds.
We almost always have babies or eggs in a nest year around.
We pull chicks for Hand feeding usually when 4 weeks old unless there is 4 chicks in a nest at one time then we pull earlier.
Baby African greys are by far our fastest selling hand fed baby bird that we offer for sale.
Hand fed Baby price as of 12/29/19 is $2950.00 each, next available Hand fed babies would be weaned for April pickup or shipping. Taking deposits NOW... 
If considering getting a hand fed baby grey we have made up a Baby grey care sheet, if interested please email for one emailed to you.