Aldabra Tortoises
all captive bred....



We are in Vista California if you are local and wish to see them

All Captive bred Aldabra Tortoises for sale, GREAT INVESTMENTS !!

We can Ship the Aldabra Tortoises Worldwide ( pending Cities approval )

While in our care none of our Aldabras are ever been exposed to other species of tortoises. 

We have sold 100's of Aldabra tortoises over the last 20 years.

Shipping or delivery quotes will be given over emails only not on the telephone.

Quantities vary depending on size. Limited availibilty!


      24" and Bigger, up to 300 lbs today.......................$ inquire 12K & up each


     Can grow to 200 pounds in just 15 years.

We shipped one out of LAX that was 600 pounds! They get BIG!

Wanted: We also BUY any Size Aldabra & Galapagos Tortoises