Birds & Aldabra Tortoises for Sale  
All Captive bred          email:       Chris Estep 760-672-0127

For Sale or Trade 1/30/23 5:00 am 

Australian Laughing Kookaburras Hand fed baby, spring 2022 baby , DNA sexed male $3300.00 ( pending sale )

Australian Laughing Kookaburras4 year old male , toe issue on left foot $2,500.00 

Keel Billed Toucans  3 year old ready to start breeding $10,800.00 pair,  this pair is only available until they enter the nesting log then off the market.   More Hand fed  babies soon $4800.00 each

Toco Toucan  2.5 year old BIG HUGE AWESOME FLAWLESS BIRD, Was hand fed as baby so has no fear of humans. Tame in a large flight $10,700.00

Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot "Gator"  Older companion type bird,  with cage if local pick up Talks sings, ... $1450.00

Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot Hand fed babies 2022 season $2800.00 each ( DNA sexing this week )

Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot hand fed weaned babies, rough tail feathers  $2500.00 each

Blue & Gold Macaw  tame and talking adult male, 10 years old big beautiful bird $2800.00

Blue & Gold Macaw.  hand fed baby, 6 months old SUPER SWEET, dna sexed hen $4800.00 ( pending sale )

Congo African Grey parrots, 5 pairs for sale, call for details  $27,000.00 for group of 5 Pairs ( with breeding cages )

Cape Parrots Flawless 1 year old, unrelated  $9000.00 PAIR ( future gold mine )

Catalina Macaw "Jack" Hatched 11/10/21  super sweet bird, DNA sexed male, Loves to cuddle and hang out with us no matter what we are doing. Was hand fed as a baby & graves human interaction and affection $5800.00

Bare Eyed Cockatoo  "Casper" Pet bird or Breeder "tame and talking but wicked smart"  Fun entertaining bird Unsexed, Needs high input,  Loves women $1400.00

Patagonian Conures Hand fed Babies, Just weaned, my opinion BEST pet bird you can buy $2500.00 each

Green Cheek Conures Hand fed Babies, Mutation High Red Pinapple $700.00 each

Green Cheek Conures Hand fed Babies, Mutation High Red Pinapple $700.00

Indian Ringneck Parakeet Blue phase, hand fed $600.00 each

Scaley Breasted Lorikeet Hand fed Baby, Super playful sweet bird, Just weaned  $1000.00  ( just 1 )

Curl Crested Aracari 4 year old, unrelated ready to breed pair $11,500.00 pair

Curl Crested Aracari 5 year old hen, proven 8 year old male shabby tail, unrelated ready to breed pair $9,500.00 Pair

Aldabra Tortoises ( Aldabrachelys gigantea ) Captive bred, Great Investments  


     4.5" SPECIAL $1800.00 each ( two left )

   2019 hatched babies  ( 2 in stock ) 6" - 7" $2300.00  each

Aldabra Tortoise 33" Male,  SPECIAL  Local pick up price $ 15,500.00


Please Note 

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 (760) 672-0127

 Price quotes are email ONLY.  Animals can be picked up by Appointment or shipped Delta Airlines.

Shipping ( Delta Airlines )     Birds $200.00 per shipment,  Reptiles / Tortoises $100.00 per shipment