Birds for Sale or Trade  
Local pick up or direct Flights only at the moment


Birds for Sale or Trade   12/2/20 5:00 am
Local pick up North San Diego County or DIRECT non-stop Flights ONLY or vehicle delivery.,( direct flights available from SAN Airport  Atlanta, Seattle, MSP Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Detroit,  & JFK ) Possible Van delivery between California and Florida. California residents must pay sales tax.          email:       Chris Estep 760-672-0127

.Captive bred 2020: Toucans, Hornbills, Thrushes, Turacos, Crowned Pigeons, Cranes & Parrots 

Keel Billed Toucans  Hand fed babies  $3800.00  email to be on waiting list  

Keel Billed Toucan  C.B. 2014 hatch Hen, Beautiful, ready to breed, NOT tame but interacts with humans SALE $3800.00 

Curl Crested Aracari  C.B. Beautiful, ready to breed, used to people 7 year old hen $3500.00 

Red Crested Turaco Hen, Beautiful, ready to breed,  ( housed with curl Crested above ) $700.00 

Von der Decken Hornbills Hand fed, tame  1 male and 1 hen $1050.00 each

Violet Turacos, DNA sexed pair  $1350.00 Pair 

Golden Collared x Spot Billed Aracari  2019  hatch, pair  SALE $2200.00 pair

East African Crowned Cranes , $1150.00 each  ( local pick up only )

White Bellied Storks, (Ciconia abdimii)  captive bred ( 4 males ) SALE $600.00 each 

Congo African Grey Parrots, Hand fed babies.  We have 12 healthy pairs set up for breeding.  Our babies turn out Big  & Sweet,   Deposits 100% refundable for any reason on either side. >> The most in demand bird we breed <<. Most likely  Feb -March deliveries on the next "weaned" baby greys $3300.00 each.  Seems like price has been going up every 6 months.. "Supply in demand"

Blue Crowned Pigeons, Parent raised 1 - 5 year old , males $1900.00 each 

SunCheek Green Cheek Conures, high red, with large self standing cage and nesting box, should breed this coming year, DNA sexed pair $1800.00 pair

Gold Mantled Rosella, Fire Backed mutation adult pair, I don't know what these color morph is called $700.00 Pair

Gold Mantled Rosella, adult Male , beautiful, active singer , he wants a mate $400.00 

Rainbow Lorikeets, hand fed unsexed babies $ sold, more soon  

Sun Conure  Male,  &  Jenday Conure Hen  both hand fed approx. 4-5 months old , both super sweet, kisses, plays dead, likes people Hand fed ,  ( sold, pending pick-up KG )  

Sun Conure Pair: Ready to start breeding soon Male 2 years old, hen 15 months both very pretty, if local pick up with cage and nesting box ready to go. I just gave them a nesting box 11/11/20 and they became very protective of it.  ( with cage and nest )  (pending sale ) "PAIR"  

Sun Conure 7 year old DNA sexed male , Tame and talking but only like woman $600.00 

Pennant Rosella aka Crimson Rosella, super sweet gentle tame baby, DNA sexed hen, Pastel Mutation  $1100.00 

Pacific Parrotlets, 5 month old Green Normals single hen $100.00, Bonded Pair $300.00 Pair, Green, White, Yellow & Blues $250.00 each lots more soon. 

Green Wing Macaw, 7 year old DNA sexed male, tame and talking but due to hormonal chest plucking I am offering this brd as a breeder. He should readily except a hen for breeding $1750.00

Aldabra Tortoises all captive bred, all in the USA over ten years, 24" - 36" males and females, USA deliver available with our cargo van, $12,000.00 and up, way up, Inquire email 



WANTED:  African Greys, Amazons, Conures, Hyacinth Macaws, Palm Cockatoos, Mynah Birds,  & Your Captive bred surplus Birds & Reptiles / Tortoises 

Please Note 

  What I say on the telephone or text, I won't remember. 

 (760) 672-0127

 Price quotes are email ONLY.

Many birds for sale at office location: "Vista Trading Post" 2040 east Vista Way, Vista Ca. 92084