Birds for Sale or Trade
Shipping out of San Diego Airport

updated 5/19/19  6:00 am

email:       Chris Estep 760-672-0127

Toco Toucans  2019 hatch hand fed babies  $8,900.00 each DNA sexed  ( later in the year, price may go up soon )

Keel Billed Toucans "" 100% READY TO BREED NOW"" Zoo bred, Incredibly beautiful unrelated pair! Must have large aviary , 3-4 year old very bonded pair. They want to nest NOW !!!!  I just set them up with nesting log on 5/13/19  Sale or breed , which ever happens first. $10,500.00 pair  ( off sale after this hen lays )

Keel Billed Toucans   2019 hatch babies, We have one clutch hatched now and two more over the next couple months. Hand fed babies, weaned $3000.00 each ( price may go up soon )

Piping Hornbills ( Bycanistes fistulator )  Rare in the USA, imported early 2018. Super bonded pair. I have seen them mating with her complete approval.  This pair is ready to be set up for breeding RIGHT NOW... $4500.00 for this pair.   I gave this pair a 8 x 8 x8 flight and box/nest, for sale / breed, whichever comes first. 

Sulawesi terrorist Hornbill   Rare in the USA, male, less then 3 years old, hand fed $5000.00

Australian Laughing Kookaburras 5 adults available $1500.00 each( all pending sale, primo )

Australian Laughing Kookaburras HF babies, unsexed ( 1 or 2 available to ship this week ) $1900.00 each 

Green Aracari 5-6 years old, Flawless tame "proven"  (produced 3 chicks in 2017)  sale or breed which ever comes first $4500.00 pair. 

Curl-Crested Aracari  (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii) Ready to breed flawless, animated fun pair,C.B. tame bonded young pair, hen is 2 yr old, male 7 yr. old.  I just gave this pair a nest, Sale or breed, whichever comes first  $9500.00 pair

Curl-Crested Aracari  (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii) Ready to breed flawless pair,C.B. tame bonded  pair Sale or breed, whichever comes first )  $8000.00 pair

Trumpeter Hornbills, ( 4 ) Parent raised Males 1 year old males  $1100.00 each ( more hand fed babies soon again, Hand fed babies $1800.00 each )


Bali Myanh x Vinous Hybrid ( white with blue eyes ) ( 1 left ) Hand fed super tame, just weaned $1500.00


Congo African Grey Parrots, hand fed babies. Our babies turn out BIG  & Sweet,  $2500.00 each, 50% deposits till weaned, Deposits are 100% refundable for any reason on either side. The most in demand bird we breed. We should breed about 30 baby African greys in 2019. We freshly hatched in the nest now ( first two have deposits on them already ) 


Congo African Grey Parrot "Cherry" Amazing Sweet adult hen, talks very clear and often, Great bird for a show, She does prefer men but loves female human when no male present. When picked up she loves being with you. $3000.00 HIGH QUALITY BIRD ! FLAWLESS !!!


Congo African Grey  "Burt", Not sexed, Looks like a hen, acts like a male... 11 Years old, LOVES human interaction. beautiful bird. Prefers men, Confident women can handle no problem. Says many words & sounds such as coughing, laughing, alarm sounds, pouring water, microwave, ring tones wide variety of whistles. will do telephone conversations. Will ask if you want coffee in the morning. Will ask if you want to play. Does Peek a boo LOVES ATTENTION. Burt may be great for a bird show... If local pick-up comes with a very nice 6 foot tall self standing cage and a small travel cage. Burt loves to be outside also to chat with the native birds $2300.00


Congo African Grey Parrot  " BirdieSocks"  Sweet bird, pre owned pet from Palm Springs so does lots of desert bird sounds, Tame but must be on its terms, exact age unknown, has open door cage all day, he goes in and out at will, fun bird ( guess 15-20 years) $1600.00 with self standing cage


Congo African Grey Parrot  "Primo" maybe 2-3 years old, Talks very clear, Male $2800.00 ( pending sale CRE ) 

Congo African Grey Parrot  Young Captive bred, "Freddie & Elton" Little bit of talking, full flighted,  Young enough to tame down for pet or Just old enough to breed Males I think, Unsexed ( 2 )   $1500.00 each

Nanday Conure Adult Tame hen, has laid eggs but has not been with a male, Full flighted $300.00 with cage $350.00

Green Cheeked Conures Hand fed babies,  ( many in stock ) Being hand fed now $250.00 each


Captive Bred Aldabra Tortoises : more soon !  ( 20 to 30 inch size )


Shipping if needed: Delta airlines, airport to airport Flat rate $200.00 We usually ship on Red eye flights leaving out of San Diego at 10:40 pm getting to most US cities via Atlanta just before noon.That is the best for the bird so its traveling over what would be sleep time.


WANTED: Hyacinth Macaws, African Greys, Sulawesi tarictic Hornbill hen, Lories & Lorikeets, Fig Parrots, calm Java Green adult Peacock, Aldabra Tortoises


If Local ( San Diego County ) we also buy vehicles, have one for us ? 


"Estate liquidation"     email:


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