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updated 3/29/2020  6:00 am  

email:       Chris Estep 760-672-0127

Captive bred available this year: Toucans, Hornbills, Thrushes,Turacos, Crowned Pigeons, Cranes & Parrots 

Available now:

Trumpeter Hornbill Bycanistes bucinator )  Captive bred, Parent raised, Big beautiful bird.  male $1400.00

Piping Hornbills Bycanistes fistulator )  Rare in the USA, imported early 2018. Super bonded beautiful flawless pair. I have seen them mating with her complete approval.  ready for breeding RIGHT NOW... $4500.00 pair   SALE $3000.00 pair

Curl-Crested Aracari  "Mrs. Bazinga" (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii) Hand fed, sweet hen, should be old enough to breed in 2020 season $4500.00 SALE: $3500.00 

Keel Billed Toucans  2020 babies soon $3800.00 each, email to be on waiting list

Golden Collared x Spot Billed Aracari  2019 season hatch, Hand fed babies,  $3500.00 Pair, single hens $1500.00 

East African Crowned Cranes , $950.00 each  More babies in May 2020 season 

White Bellied Storks, (Ciconia abdimii)  captive bred ( 4 males ) $650.00 each  

Congo African Grey Parrots, Hand fed babies.  8 very healthy pairs set up for breeding.  Our babies turn out Big  & Sweet,   Deposits 100% refundable for any reason on either side. The most in demand bird we breed. Most likely June-July 2020 deliveries on the next "weaned" baby greys >>>> 2950.00 each <<<

Black headed Caique "Cheeto"  5 year old, plucks his chest. Crazy fun bird, Loves human interaction $750.00

Bare eyed Cockatoo,  "Ainsle" Awesome talent for a bird show", Super smart bird,  hatched 4/22/2010. He loves attention and doesn't bite unless you are wearing a black hat or sunglasses.  Ainsle pefers female humans.
I was going to start teaching him on cue but he really doesn't like men so i reduced his price to find a female buyer he can bond with, . Just received Ainsle 3/04/20, ( zoo trades welcome)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ainsle's vocabulary:
Hi honey, Hi baby bear, There you are, I love you, Hi everyone, How are you, Who is it, Who wants popcorn, Hello big boy, Hi baby Ainsle, Bye everyone, Goodbye everyone, Good Morning everybody, Come here, Hi Ainsle dangle, Hi hi, Hi Anisle birdie, Hello Big bird, Booo, Whats the matter, Hi Ainsle, You want up up, Hi Joey, Here, FIRE, Hi hi hi hi hi, Do you want popcorn, Do you want to play, Here, Want to Play, Aqui', Want to go outside, Hello Pretty bird, Hey you,  What, Hi Huh, What did you say, Hello baby, Hello pretty baby, Hello pretty birdie, Are you ok, Whats up, Hi Joey, Want to go outside, Betty ate the dog, Oh sorry, Here Ainsle, Hi you, Whats wrong, Guess what, Hey you, You want popcorn, You want up up, Whats new with you, Whats you doing, Bye Bye Ainsle, up up, Are you ok, Your a pretty mommy, There you are, Bye bye birds, Want to play, Sorry, I'm good honey how are you, You, Hi you, Talk to you later, Thank you, Big boy birdie, Why not, Water, What do you want, I love popcorn, You want to play, What for, Howdy, Booo bye bye bye baby, What going on, Here you, See you later, Whats going on,  Whats the matter, Are you ok, Who wants popcorn,see you later, see you tomorrow, There you are, Knock it off, ooops sorry,  Sounds: Wolf whistles, Alarm clock noise  $1800.00

Blue Fronted Amazon:  Captive bred, 5 year old, male Tame and Talking prefes men $1400.00

Green Cheeked Conures:  Very proven producing pair with 4'x4'x4' cage local sale $600.00 pair, Parent raised unsexed young $180.00 each, Hand fed babies $250.00 each

Hyacinth Macaws:  Proven pair, egg laying pair and singles $ inquire

Aldabra Tortoises:  Captive bred, 16 available,  8 month - 3 year old unsexed ( email in for pictures and prices ) Local sales have priority. Trades for zoo birds considered.


Aldabra Tortoise:  Captive bred, 300 lbs. 34 inch male $30K


Aldabra Tortoise: 26 inch, approx. 100 lbs+, 10 years old, VERY SWEET, Loves  neck scratched, beautiful shaped shell, Very healthy, properly grown, Male but offering unsexed Delivery or shipping available  $18,500.00


Shipping if needed: ( Delta airlines) airport to airport Flat rate $200.00 We usually ship on Red eye flights leaving out of San Diego at 10:40 pm getting to most US cities before noon.That is the best for the bird so its traveling over what would be sleep time.   


California Sales: must pay Ca.Sales tax


WANTED: Hyacinth Macaws, Palm Cockatoos, Mynah Birds, Curl Crested aracari Male,  & Your Captive bred surplus Reptiles & Birds