Birds for Sale or Trade  
Shipping out of San Diego Airport


updated 1/16/2020  6:00 pm  

email:       Chris Estep 760-672-0127


Keel Billed Toucans  unsexed, 7 month old hand fed baby, super sweet bird, Presently an inside 12'x8'x8' flight. When we enter the flight it flies toward us to be hand fed from our finger tips.  Email for care sheet or Videos can be texted to your telephone #.  $3800.00  SWEET BIRD ! Very pretty beak color.

Piping Hornbills Bycanistes fistulator )  Rare in the USA, imported early 2018. Super bonded beautiful flawless pair. I have seen them mating with her complete approval.   I saw the hen in the nesting box on 1/12/20, ready for breeding RIGHT NOW... $4000.00 pair  

Curl-Crested Aracari  "Mrs. Bazinga" (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii) Hand fed, sweet hen, should be old enough to breed in 2020 season $4500.00   

Curl-Crested Aracari  (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii) Ready to breed flawless pair,C.B. tame bonded  pair Sale or breed, whichever comes first )  $8000.00 pair 

Golden Collared x Spot Billed Aracari  2019 season hatch, Hand fed babies,   $3500.00 Pair, single hens $1500.00 each 

East African Crowned Cranes , ( hatched four 8/09/19 )  48 tall baby    ( 1 left, unsexed) Local pick-up ONLY 48 inches tall now $1000.00 ( sold ST,LPU)  More babies in May 2020 season

Cuban Amazon (Amazona leucocephala) "Pair" Endangered species CALIFORNIA SALE ONLY !! Hen is missing her left leg but gets around fine, Beautiful birds.  Male came from Orange County, California , Hen Del Mar California.  male 10 years old, hen approx. 7 years old. Yes, We can ship but "ONLY TO CALIFORNIA"  This pair is ready for a nesting box NOW...    SALE >>> $2800.00 Pair


Congo African Grey Parrots, Hand fed babies. We now have 8 very healthy pairs set up for breeding. Our babies turn out Big  & Sweet,  50% deposits till weaned, Deposits are 100% refundable for any reason on either side. The most in demand bird we breed. Most likely March 2020 deliveries on the next "weaned" baby greys. $2950.00 each ( price might be going up again after March )


Congo African Grey Parrot, "Eli" pre owned pet, DNA sexed male, Tame but prefers kids ,  will bite you if he doesn't like you. Might be best to pair him up for breeding. I was told 5 years old but I really don't know age. Sweet very active calm bird.  $1950.00 


Congo African Grey Parrot, "Steve" Pre owned pet ,  I was told 10 years old but I really don't know age. Solid Captive bred band on it RWE 414 TX. Sweet calm bird. DNA sexed male.  Very interactive with my daughter but we haven't taken out of the cage for pictures because can FLY.  $1600.00

Congo African Grey Parrots,  Adult ready to breed pairs. NOT culls or burnt out breeders, These are pre owned pets that we have introduced to each other or bonded ready to breed quality pairs. Bonded showing interest in the nesting box. I have found that tame and talking pre owned pets make the best breeders since they are not afraid of humans in the least. Quality "pairs" for sale. All DNA tested ( IQbirdtesting ) & polyomavirus disease tested negative. price $5000.00 and up,  price vary depending on pair. 

Aldabra Tortoises:  Captive bred, 16 available,  8 month - 3 year old unsexed ( email in for pictures and prices ) Local sales have priority. Trades for zoo birds considered.



Aldabra Tortoise: 26 inch, approx. 100 lbs+, 10 years old, VERY SWEET, Loves  neck scratched, beautiful shaped shell, Very healthy, properly grown, Male but offering unsexed Delivery or shipping available  $16,500.00, $15,500.00 



Shipping if needed: ( Delta airlines) airport to airport Flat rate $200.00 We usually ship on Red eye flights leaving out of San Diego at 10:40 pm getting to most US cities before noon.That is the best for the bird so its traveling over what would be sleep time.   


California Sales: must pay Ca.Sales tax


WANTED: Your Captive bred surplus Reptiles & Birds