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For Sale or Trade   9/22/21 4:00 am          email:       Chris Estep 760-672-0127

Aldabra Tortoises ( Aldabrachelys gigantea ) Captive bred well started 2 to 3 year old. 7 - 9 inch size, Awesome proper shell growth, Great Investments SPECIAL price  $2350.00 each

Aldabra Tortoises ( Aldabrachelys gigantea ) Captive bred well started  year old 18 inch shell size, Awesome proper shell growth, Great Investments $11,5000.00 each

Moluccan Cockatoo   Tame & Talking adult male,  with large cage, local pick up ONLY due to plucked ( size of silver dollar on chest $900.00

Keel Billed Toucans  Hand fed  Hatched July 4th, being hand fed NOW $4500.00 each ( pending sale, more soon )

Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot "Marvin"   Tame & Talking male, Very fun young bird,  Beautiful bird, with large cage if local pick up Talks sings, laughes etc etc... $4500.00 ( SPECIAL PRICE THIS WEEK $3600.00 )

Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot Tame & Talking , 6 yr old, Speaks some English but mostly sings and talks Indian ( India ) Beautiful flawless bird, Likes human interaction, Prefers human men, with large cage if local pick up  $3500.00

Senegal Parrot " Okie" 10-12 year old male, Flawless Bird Super sweet Tame and talking, with huge cage $1450.00 

Australian Kookaburras  2021 hatch hand fed babies $ inquire

Congo African Grey Parrots, Hand fed babies.  We now have 12 pairs set up for breeding.  "Email request to be on waiting list for next weaned hand fed  babies. Our babies turn out BIG & Sweet,  Congo African Greys are by far the most in demand species we breed.  Babies are pulled for hand feeding from 3 to 5 weeks old depending on the history of the pair and how many babies are in the nest. 3 & 4 chicks in the nest are pulled at an earlier age.  Weaned babies can be shipped airlines ( Delta airlines, Direct or 1 stop ) For local sales pick up is at Toucan Jungle office location in North San Diego County.  It is usually very easy to sex babies by color, shape & personality. Babies are very socialized and hand fed in our Antique & Collectable store so they are used to seeing strange things and stranger people... >>>>> If considering a hand fed grey please email for Baby grey care sheet...<<<< Due to demand and cost of feeding  seems like prices going up every year... Questions: Best to email.  Work hours 5:00 am - 5:00 pm, Our adults "breeding pairs" are all pre owned pets slowly introduced to each other, all disease tested ( IQbirdtesting ) pre pairing. All our greys are bred inside in a controlled environment in large flights and fed only the BEST available diet. ( sorry, price and value continues to go up up up, Supply in demand !!! $ 4500.00 each


Blue Crowned Pigeons, 6 available Parent raised   6 month - 3  year old , hens  $1900.00 each

East African Crowned Cranes, One 2021 hatch available unsexed  $1100.00 each 

Snakes Captive bred unless stated, all on frozen Mice and Rats

Colombian Red Tailed Boa, about a dozen available. Well started Babies to 6 foot long $140.00 each

Blood Pythons sub adults approx. 2.5' - 5' ( Black & who knows what ) $300.00 each

Carpet Pythons ( lots, many different locals and morphs, beautiful specimens ) well started Babies $140.00

adults 5-6 foot $300.00 each 

Island Dwarf Retic, Rare , Tame but 11' snake, 4 years old, will not get huge $600.00

Kingsnakes: 20 left, Blotched, Florida & Eastern sub adults ready to breed size SPECIAL: $125.00 each

Jungle Corns and other Kingsnake Milksnake Crosses adults & sub adults SPECIAL $125.00 each

Ball Pythons CB babies well started $55.00 each Freshly hatched $40.00 each

WANTED:  African Greys, Amazons, Conures, Hyacinth Macaws, Palm Cockatoos, Mynah Birds,  & Your Captive bred surplus Birds & Reptiles / Tortoises 

Please Note 

  What I say on the telephone or text, I won't remember. 

 (760) 672-0127

 Price quotes are email ONLY.  Animals can be picked up by Appointment or shipped Delta Airlines.

Shipping ( Delta Airlines )     Birds $200.00 per shipment,  Reptiles / Tortoises $100.00 per shipment