Aren't They Great ?



White-crested Turaco

(Tauraco leucolophus)

AWESOME Turaco,  feeds on fruits, seeds, leaves and flowers, as well as the occasional arthropod.

The best thing about Turacos is even when they are hand fed and super tame they still are good breeders and very fun in a walk in type avairy.


 Livingstone's Turaco

( Turaco livingstonii )

 45cm from beak to tail, weight about 262-380 grams. Females slightly lighter in appearance than males, Awesome white tipped crest.  Livingstone's Turacos inhabits montane and coastal forests, sea level to 2500m. feeds mainly on available fruits.


Fischer's Turaco

(Tauraco fischeri)

40cm beak to tail, weight between 227g - 283g. member of the Green Turaco super-species,  distinctive white and black tipped red crest. red pigmentation appears dorsal along the nape. inhabits woodland and forestry from sea level -1250m. feeds on available fruits.



White-cheeked Turaco

(Tauraco leucotis)

measures approximately 42-43cm beak to tail, and weighs between 200-315g. found from 2200-3200m, frequents forest habitats, generally feeding on fruits and plant material. The species will also take arthropods, 


Ross's Turaco

(Musophaga rossae)

 second largest Turaco, measures between 51 and 54 cm,    weight between 390 and 444 grams. impressive red erectile crest, yellow lores, and a yellow beak which stretches posteriorly to form a forehead shield. inhabits woodlands from sea level to 2500 m, feeding off available fruits and arthropods.



Red-crested Turaco

(Tauraco erythrolophus)

 vivid red crest, white face and yellow beak. AKA "Angolan Turacos". measures approximately 40-43cm beak to tail, and weighs around 210-325g. preferred habitats are, woodland and forestry Deit available fruits.

Western Grey Plantain-eater

(Crinifer piscator)

 weight 200-300g approx. 50 cm from beak to tail.  Likes open habitats, woodland, savannah ranges sea level -1300m. feeds generally on fruits, but will also take leaves and seeds. We will have lots of babies this year. Awesome birds when hand fed. They look like a cross between a Hawk & a roadrunner.

Grey Go-away Bird

(Corythaixoides concolor)

Unique in the Turaco family in that it possess an all-over grey plumage. inhabit woodlands, but prefers open thornbush country near water.  diet: fruit, leaves and insects, Wish ours would tell my wife to go away ( just kidding! )

Violaceous Turaco

(Musophaga violacea)

 lacks the erectile crest of the Ross's, but has instead an orange beak, leading to a yellow shield in front. large species, measuring aprox. 50cm weight: 360g. inhabits woodlands but it will enter parks and cultivated land searching for a variety of wild and cultivated fruits. We should have lots of Babies avaiable this year.




Green Turacos

(Tauraco Persa)

measures around 40-43cm from beak to tail, and weighs between 225-290 grams. prefers mature rain forest edge habitats around water. from sea level to around 1100m.  feeds mainly on fruit, either wild or cultivated, but will also consume vegetation such as leaves and flowers.