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WANTED: Aldabra Tortoises & Hyacinth Macaws

Birds & Tortoises      Availability list: 3/21/18    5:30 am

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Prices and availability can and do change daily !!!! First come first serve.. .

Toco Toucans, Hand-fed , 7 month old Males,  $10,500.00 each  ( 3 available )

Keel Billed Toucans Baby weaned hand fed M, Super sweet bird,imprinted on me $4500.00 

Keel Billed Toucans, Very proven pair $11,500.00 pair  ( nesting soon again )

Indian Oriental Hornbills "2 Proven Pairs" $11,500.00 pair

Crimson Rump Toucanet 2 year old hen, was hand fed as baby, tame if you you go slow with her $1250.00

Green Aracari 5-6 years old, tame proven pair: $4700.00 pr. (ready to be set up NOW for breeding s Crieason again )

Fairy Blue Birds, ready to breed in spring 2018, 4 years old CB.$2300.00 pair

Blue Crowned Pigeons Being hand fed now $2100.00 each ( $1000.00 deposits, will hand feed many this year )

Blue Crowned Pigeons 2016 & 2017 hatch weaned, Hand fed & Parent raised $2500.00 each

Blue Crowned Pigeons Unrelated pairs for breeding or display 2017 hatch $5000.00 pair

Victoria Blue Crowned Pigeons Hand fed tame baby #BC40 parent pr #VBC #4 $2500.00 

Victoria Blue Crowned Pigeons Parent raised baby #Blue32 parent pr #VBC #4 $2500.00 

Victoria Blue Crowned Pigeons being hand fed now $2200.00 ( 1000.00 deposits )

Blue Crowned pigeons Parent raised unrelated bonded #PS21 3 yr. old H & #PS27 2 yr old Male $5500.00 pair

Hyacinth Macaws approximatly 15 years old ( Pair ) $19,000.00

Congo African Grey Parrots Babies in the nest now, $1900.00 each $1000.00 deposits to hold while being hand fed. ( 2 left )

We have sold 100's of Aldabra tortoises over the last 20 years.  New arrivals soon. We need a couple BIG females for a very sexually active 350 lb. male we have. 

Aldabra Tortoise, 15-20 years old, 26", approximately 150 lb, sweet tortoise, Beautiful shell, Stands tall, extends neck out and loves neck gently scratched, unsexed I would say 80% female, this tortoise likes humans  $ price INQUIRE
WANTED: Aldabra Tortoises any size, Toco Toucan Male, Hyacinth Macaws, Trumpeter Hornbill Male, Swainson's Toucan Hen,  Zoo Trades Welcome, Reptiles or Birds...

Have a collection of birds you would like to sell us ? please email list...Thank you....