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Birds For Sale

Toucan Jungle Availability list as of  4/27/2015  

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Please NOTE: Prices and availability can and do change daily !!!!

Eclectus - Observed mating, but no eggs yet. Hen has plucked chest, got her that way $1150.00 pair


Sulfer Crested Cockatoo, Huge (most likely G. Galarita ) Tame and talking male but too scarey and big for me to test..... $800.00


Von Der Decken Hornbills - $1600 Pair


CoCo: Hand fed 2014 Hatch super sweet red factor Congo African grey $1200.00 ( must see )

Congo African Grey – adults for breeding $1200.00 Pair   

Rose Breasted Cockatoo x Goffin Hybrid, “Muppet “- the cockatoo hybrid - $2000 


Gypsy macaw - Kismet Hybrid Macaw
B&G macaw – Flappy #6 buddies with above bird $2000.00 pair
Kismet and Flappy6 are BFFs, too young to breed yet. 

Double yellow head amazon, unsexed $500.00 ( lots of yellow, must see )


Green Persia Turacos, Super tame, unsexed $650.00


Green Persia Turacos, (two proven pairs) $1100.00 pair


White Crested Turacos $4500.00 pair ( very hard to find anymore )


Hartlaub Turaco, adulthen $600.00


Bare Eyed Cockatoo, “Boomer” 4 year old, was hand fed as baby, tame, talks, $500.00 with cage


Yellow Naped Amazon, male, talks a lot, prefers woman with stand $900.00 ( email to see links for this bird on YouTube )


Yellow Naped Amazon male for breeding, high quality bird $650.00


Derbyans $450.00 pair ( hen is very old )


Mealy amazons, old pair, $450.00 pair ( male has beak issue thus super low price )


Swainsons Rainbow Lorikeets $850.00 pair ( pre owned pets ) ready to breed now ...


Yellow Bibbed Lories, proven pairs $1200.00 pair


Blue and gold Macaws, hand fed baby, just weaned $900.00 ( slightly crooked top beak )


Green Winged Macaw just weaned, super sweet bird $1100.00


All Captive bred Aldabra Tortoises for sale


We can Ship the Aldabra Tortoises Worldwide ( pending Cities aproval )

We have sold 100's of Aldabra tortoises over the last 20 years.

All price below are local pick up prices. Shipping quotes will be given over emails only not on the telephone.

Quantities vary depending on size. Limited availibilty!

     group of Three ,most likely 1 male and 2 females 22-24"..... $27,500.00 for group

     4" - 6"  Captive bred ( limited )....................................................    $1650.00 each 

           new web site :

   Can grow to 200 pounds in 15 years.

We shipped one out of LAX that was 600 pounds! They get BIG!

Wanted: We also BUY any Size Aldabra & Galapagos Tortoises