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Birds For Sale

Toucan Jungle Availability list:  1/19/2017   6:00 am

Breed, Buy, Sell & Trade  Chris Estep         760-672-0127 


Please NOTE: Prices and availability can and do change daily !!!! First come first serve.. . Prices on pair of birds will most likely GO UP the closer we get to breeding season. Silly for me to sell a pair of birds when I can just give them a nesting site instead.

Due to severe shortage of Toucan Breeding stock our Captive bred Baby Toucans are for USA sales "ONLY" No exceptions

Toco Toucan, flawless, large proven hen ( produced chicks in 2015) $9,500.00 

Toco Toucans,Hand fed babies 2017 season ( yes, they sell fast ! ) $11,500.00 each 

Keel Billed Toucans socialized PR 2016 2015 hatch $9,200.00 pair,  1-3 year old Single males $4,500.00 each .00 Single hen $5000

Emerald Toucanet adult hen, super sweet bird, 2013 hatch $1550.00 

Green Aracari 4 year old (proven 2016 1st.breeding year ) $4800.00 pair ( great investment )

Green Aracari 2016 hatch babies, Male $1500.00, Hen $1500.00, slight chip tip beak male $1100.00

Curl Crested Aracari adult male  SALE  1/18/17 TODAY $2950.00  

Ivory Billed Aracari Yng. adult both super tame , FUN PAIR! Very social with humans  $3800.00 Pair 

Blue Crowned Pigeons Hand fed & Parent raised $2500.00 each

Persia Green Turacos, proven pair $1200.00 pair (pending sale)

Trumpeter Hornbills 2015 & 2016 hatch Parent Raised $1000.00 each  ( two bloodlines ) ( pending trade/sale)

Trumpeter Hornbills Bonded pair $2500.00 pair

Bare Eyed Cockatoo, "Togo"Sweet Bird, 3 years old, I had fed as a baby $650.00

Yellow Naped Amazon super sweet if he/she likes you "HIGH QUALITY BIRD", talks , crazy fun  SALE TODAY $900.00

Green Cheeked Conures selling 3 pairs, Colors vary $360.00 pair

Cockatiel Hand fed Pied Tame & taking but crumpy hen $80.00 with cage

Canaries singing males $120.00 with cage ( 3 to pick from today)

Green Cheek Conure, "Mango" Pineapple, Tame to "females" $260.00 with self standing cage

BIRDS WANTED : Green Aracari F,  Curl Crested Aracari F, Emerald Toucanet M,   Toco Toucan M,  Trumpeter Hornbill F,  Fairy Blue Birds,  Victoria Crowned Pigeons,  Nicobar Pigeons  

also WANTED: original "Stagecoaches" any state,


All Captive bred Aldabra Tortoises for sale email for todays tortoise list

We can Ship the Aldabra Tortoises Worldwide ( pending Cities aproval )

We have sold 100's of Aldabra tortoises over the last 20 years.

Quantities vary depending on size. Limited availibilty!

specials:  Aldabra female 17-18 inch, 28 lbs $8500.00  email for picture, PRETTY !!!

We are offering five 225 - 250 lbs Aldabra Tortoises 4 - males and 1- female 

            new web site :

   We shipped one out from local zoo that was 600 pounds! They get BIG!

Wanted: We also BUY any Size Aldabra & Galapagos Tortoises