Birds for Sale or Trade

updated 11/20/18   7:30 am

email:       Chris Estep 760-672-0127 

Toco Toucan  2017 hatch hand fed male  $10,500.00  

Toco Toucan 2018 June Hatch Sweet male, loves to be preened as much as possible $10,500.00 

Keel Billed Toucans "" READY TO BREED NOW"" Incredibly beautiful unrelated pair! Must have large aviary $9500.00 pair  

Keel-Billed Toucan 3 year old beautiful hen, one toe tip flipped up slightly  ( perfect to pair up) $3900.00 Sale 

Keel-Billed Toucan 1.5 year old sweet hen, zoo bred, likes to be hand fed "Mrs Beaker" $4500.00 

Trumpeter Hornbill handfed weaned, DNA  Male, ( just 1 left ) super sweet, begging for attention $1800.00 

Red Billed Hornbills ( Tockus erythrorynchus) Imported, "Frayed Tail feathers"  ( 3 pairs ) special $600.00 Pair 

Piping Hornbills ( Bycanistes fistulator )  Very Rare in the USA, I have one pair. Super bonded pair and even though they are in a very small holding cage they are mating and with her complete approval.  This pair is ready to be set up for breeding RIGHT NOW... $3700.00 for this pair.   I gave this pair a nest on 9/15, sale or breed,what ever comes first.

Piping Hornbills ( Bycanistes fistulator )  single hens Special $900.00 each  ( 2 ) 

Green Aracari 5-6 years old, Flawless tame "proven"  (produced 3 chicks in 2017) $4500.00 pair. 

Curl-Crested Aracari  (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii) Ready to breed flawless C.B. tame bonded young pair $10,000.00

Blue Crowned Pigeon Young Imprinted Very Sweet "if" he likes you, He Loves girls,  2 toes slightly curled, perfect for Show Bird, very animated, does loud booming display often, Will destroy you with wing slam if he doesn't like you, I can text short video of this bird with my daughter upon request $2500.00  

Blue Grey Tanager (Thraupis episcopus) $150.00 each ( 7 available ) 

Bruce's Green Fruit Pigeons ( Theron waalia ) Special: beautiful pairs, $600.00 Pair, ( DNA sexed 8 males, 9 hens )  

African Cape Dove Imported new bloodline  ( 20 pairs ) $100.00 pair  

Tambourine Dove ( Turtur tympanistria ) 220.00 pair  ( 2 pairs left )  

Blue Headed Wood Dove ( Turtur Brehmeri )  "Rare" Beautiful, very peaceful species DNA sexed $600.00  pair 

Black Bellied Wood Dove ( Turtur abyssinicus ) $100.00 each ( 2 left )

Grey Plantain Eater ( Crinifer piscator )  DNA sexed MALES, Crazy insane low price >>> $200.00 each ( 15 available ) 

Asian Fairy-Bluebird  (Irena puella)  4 year old male, slight minor toe tip issue CB $800.00

White Crested Laughing Thrush,  single male $900.00

Blue Crowned pigeons parent raised unrelated bonded #PS21 3 yr. old H & #PS27 2 yr old Male $5500.00 pair

East Africa Crowned Cranes ( 2 unsexed )  hatched Oct 12th. Super strong healthy babies $1400.00 each

Congo African Grey Parrot hand fed babies, more soon $1900.00 each when weaned

Senegal Parrot Tame and talking with self standing cage $550.00

Red Flanked lorikeets Captive bred 2018 hatch, 7 month old males $400.00 each  

Princess of Wales Parakeets ( all tame, flawless ) males I think, were hand fed as babies  $200.00 each

Red Rumped Parakeets ( Mixed Mutations, Beautiful! ) $300.00 - 350.00 pair, singles $150.00

Captive Bred Aldabra Tortoises : more soon !  ( 20 to 30 inch size )

Shipping if needed: Delta airlines, airport to airport Flat rate $200.00

If local we also just received about 1000 nature books in mosty bird books, many very rare hard to find bird books, all for sale in Vista at "Vista Trading Post" by appointment