Birds for Sale or Trade
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updated 3/22/19  6:00 am

email:       Chris Estep 760-672-0127 


 Bruce's Green Fruit Pigeons Theron waalia ) all beautiful,  ready to breed 7 pairs, 2 extra hens,  imported early 2018, caged one per cage, pairs next to each other for bonding. SPECIAL BELOW COST $440.00 Pair. 

Toco Toucans  2019 hatch hand fed babies  $8,900.00 each DNA sexed 

Keel Billed Toucans "" READY TO BREED NOW"" Zoo bred, Incredibly beautiful unrelated pair! Must have large aviary $10,500.00 pair  

Keel-Billed Toucan 3 year old beautiful hen, one toe tip flipped up slightly  ( perfect to pair up) $3500.00 

Keel-Billed Toucan 2 year old sweet male, zoo bred, likes to be hand fed "Beaker" Great for bird show, sometimes he tongue is lazy and sticks out the side,  $3300.00

Keel-Billed Toucan 2018 hatch, Parent Raised, not tame, unsexed two from the same clutch  $3000.00 each 

Red Billed Hornbills ( Tockus erythrorynchus) Imported, "Very Frayed Tail feathers"    $400.00 Pair  (local pick-up ONLY)

Piping Hornbills ( Bycanistes fistulator )  Very Rare in the USA, I have one pair. Super bonded pair and even though they were in a very small holding cage they were mating and with her complete approval.  This pair is ready to be set up for breeding RIGHT NOW... $3800.00 for this pair.   I gave this pair a 8 x 8 x8 flight and box/nest on 9/15, for sale or breed,what ever comes first. As of 3/10/19 they just started working the nesting site. 

Piping Hornbills ( Bycanistes fistulator )  Very Rare in the USA adult imported hen $1200.00

Green Aracari 5-6 years old, Flawless tame "proven"  (produced 3 chicks in 2017) setting up again for breeding middle of January, sale or breed which ever comes first $4500.00 pair.  Will be set up for breeding if not sold 4/01

Curl-Crested Aracari  (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii) Ready to breed flawless very animated fun pair,C.B. tame bonded young pair, hen is 2 yr old, male 7 yr. old.  I just gave this pair a nest, Sale or breed, whichever comes first ) $10.500.00 pair

Curl-Crested Aracari  (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii) Ready to breed flawless pair,C.B. tame bonded  pair Sale or breed, whichever comes first )  $8000.00 pair

Blue Crowned Pigeon Young Imprinted Very Sweet,  1 toe slightly curled, perfect for Show Bird, very animated, does loud booming display often,  I can text short video of this bird with my daughter upon request SALE PRICED due to broken tail feathers and I need the flight it is in right now $1300.00 

Blue Crowned Pigeon 2016 hatch egg laying hen $2500.00 

Green Persia Turaco Males $525.00 each  ( 2 available )

Red Crested Turaco CB 2 year old Male $750.00 

Tambourine Dove ( Turtur tympanistria ) 180.00 pair  ( 2 pairs left )  

Black Bellied Wood Dove ( Turtur abyssinicus ) $90.00 each ( 1 left )

Grey Plantain Eater ( Crinifer piscator )  DNA  MALE, $200.00   

White Crested Laughing Thrush,  single male $700.00

Blue Crowned pigeons parent raised unrelated bonded #PS21 3 yr. old H & #PS27 2 yr old Male $5500.00 pair

East Africa Crowned Crane, hatched Oct 12th. starting to fly now,  Most likely by size and shape of head a hen. sweet bird $1300.00  ( local pick-up ONLY )

Congo African Grey Parrots, Babies about 3 weeks old now being pulled for hand feeding  2/23/19. Our babies turn out BIG  & Sweet,  $2400.00 each total, 50% refundable deposits till weaned, The most in demand bird we breed. We should breed about 30 - 40 baby African greys in 2019.

Congo African Grey Parrot, "Socks" pre owned pet, Very fun bird, tame and talks often, Does the beginning of a horse race whistle and lots of other bird calls due to resided in Palm Springs,  $1900.00 with self standing cage. 

Congo African Grey Parrot, " pre owned pet,  $600.00 with table top cage.  Low price due to age and not proper stance & weight. Local Pick-up ONLY on this bird. sweet bird.. I have to screen buyer on this bird.

Nanday Conure Adult Tame hen, has laid eggs but has not been with a male, Full flighted $350.00

Gold Capped Conure 'Charlie" Super Sweet bird, text or email for picture, fun bird, with self standing cage $700.00

Meyers Parrot, was hand fed as baby, semi tame, sweet but a little hand shy, 3 years old $500.00

Spectacled Amazon aka White fronted Amazon , adult Flawless male, pre owned pet with cage $700.00

Princess of Wales Parakeets tame, males I think, were hand fed as babies   (droopy wing $150.00)  250.00  each

Scarlet Chested Parakeets Beautiful Blue Mutation Male with opaline hen $400.00 pair ( low price due to hen having beak issue, basically hen is free with the male ) 

Red Rumped Parakeets single Pied Blue Male $100.00 

Captive Bred Aldabra Tortoises : more soon !  ( 20 to 30 inch size )

Leopard Tortoises ( G.p.b.)1 week old- 3 weeks old $100.00 each (7 today)


Shipping if needed: Delta airlines, airport to airport Flat rate $200.00


If Local ( San Diego County ) we also buy vehicles, have one for us ? 

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