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Birds For Sale

Toucan Jungle Availability list as of  12/03/2016   5:30 am

Breed, Buy, Sell & Trade  Chris Estep         760-672-0127 


Please NOTE: Prices and availability can and do change daily !!!! First come first serve.. Birds are never on hold due to we cant tell who is going to pay and who is not.


Due to severe shortage of Toucan Breeding stock our Captive bred Baby Toucans are for USA sales "ONLY" No exceptions

 Toco  Toucan, Hand fed, 2015 hatch Male  $ 12,500.00

 Toco Toucans,Hand fed babies 2017 season ( yes, they sell fast ! ) $11,000.00 each

Toco Toucan, flawless, large proven hen ( produced chicks in 2015) $9,500.00

Keel Billed Toucans, 2015 hatch, hand fed as baby $6500.00  each  ( "pending sale" )

Keel Billed Toucans, young adults for dislay or breeding $9,000.00 pair

Keel Billed Toucan, Adult Male $4500.00

Swainson's Toucan, super tame Hen, 8 yr. has cosmedic beak issue, great bird for show,  $4000.00

Double Yellow Headed Amazon 4 year old hen, talks often $700.00 with vintage round cage $600.00 without cage

Bare Eyed Cockatoo, "Togo" Tame & talking hen, aprox. 3 yrs old. ( I hand fed as baby ) $750.00 with cage

Blue & Gold Macaws, VERY PROVEN PAIR, produced 10 chicks in 2015 season. Hen has tweaked beak so eggs or freshly hatched babies are pulled for handfeeding thus high production of babies... $2000.00 pair (with large breeding cage 4'x4'x8' & metal nesting box if local pick-up)

Blue Crowned Conures , hen calm, tame and talking male , adults $650.00 pair. $750.00 with cage if local.

Green Cheeked Conures selling 3 pairs, Colors vary $300.00 pair

Cockatiels Hand fed Babies, White Faced Pied $90.00 each

Cockatiels 1 year old tame and talking pied white faced hen $90.00

Canaries singing males $140.00 with cage ( 3 to pick from today)

Green Cheeked Conure, adult semi tame male $160.00

Green Cheek Conure, Pineapple, Tame to females $240.00 with self standing cage


All Captive bred Aldabra Tortoises for sale


We can Ship the Aldabra Tortoises Worldwide ( pending Cities aproval )

We have sold 100's of Aldabra tortoises over the last 20 years.

Quantities vary depending on size. Limited availibilty!

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   Can grow to 200 pounds in 15 years.

We shipped one out of LAX that was 600 pounds! They get BIG!

Wanted: We also BUY any Size Aldabra & Galapagos Tortoises