Birds for Sale or Trade


Birds & Tortoises      Available   7/18/18   7:00 am      telephone 7:00 am - 6:00 pm PST Chris Estep 760-672-0127

>>PLEASE NOTE: Lots of New birds this week, We bought a large local collection ( Very good Breeding stock ! )<<

Toco Toucan Baby being hand fed now, Just weaned, sweet male ( 1 left ) $9900.00 

Keel Billed Toucans ready to breed now, beautiful pair! $9500.00 pair,

Keel Billed Toucans younger tame pair 1.5 yr old hen, 3 year old male $8500.00 pair

Keel-Billed Toucan 3 year old beautiful hen, one toe tip flipped up slightly  ( perfect to pair up) $3900.00

Trumpeter Hornbills  babies being hand fed now..growing like weeds $1800.00 each  

Green Aracari 5-6 years old, tame proven pair: $4500.00 pr. (ready to be set up NOW for breeding season again ) This pair has just be given a nesting sight, eggs soon, once that happens they will not be for sale till after babies are pulled for hand feeding.

Blue Crowned Pigeon Imprinted Sweet, tame Young, 2 toes slightly curled, perfect for Show Bird, very animated, does loud booming display often  $2500.00  

Palawan Peacock Pheasant 1 cock, 2 hens $900.00 for trio  ( pending sale Manny )

Emerald Doves   3 year old $350.00 pair

Lace Neck Doves $180.00 pair

Nicobar Pigeon Young 4 year old Male $600.00

Temmincks Trogopan 1.5 year old male $500.00

Violet Turacos 1 year old hen, 3 year old male $750.00 pair

Red Vented BulBul  $700.00 pair

Golden Pheasants 1 cock, 2 hens  $160.00 for trio ( pending sale Manny)

Blue Crowned pigeons Parent raised unrelated bonded #PS21 3 yr. old H & #PS27 2 yr old Male $5500.00 pair 

Congo African Grey Parrots "flawless 4 year old DNA sexed hen" Not tame $1200.00

Blue Fronted Amazons for breeding 8 -10 year old, low price due to hen a spaz $1100.00 pair

Stellas Lorikeets 3 year old male $700.00 ( another old free male with young male )

Princess of Wales Parakeets ( all tame ) Normal male  with Blue hen $700.00 pair, Extra hen $300.00

Red Rumped Parakeets ( Mixed Mutations ) 3 pairs $800.00  takes the group

Hyacinth Macaw 4 year old male , super sweet animated bird, Flawless $14,000.00

Peachface Lovebirds approximately 20 to 25 birds, very nice health and feather condition, kept outside in aviary $500.00 takes the group ( Lutino & Normals)  ( pending sale BM, San Diego )

Aldabra Tortoises : more soon !

Shipping if needed: Delta airlines, airport to airport Flat rate $150.00

WANTED: Aldabra Tortoises & Hyacinth Macaws

WE NEED BIRDS !!  Bigger the better...Flamingos etc....

Have anything in the nest or for sale please email us a list..