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Birds & Tortoises      Availability list: 8/21/17    3:30 pm

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Prices and availability can and do change daily !!!! First come first serve.. .

Toco Toucans,  Weaned Babies  SPECIAL today $9,800.00 each ( only 1 male left , don't wait, price gong up soon! )

Keel Billed Toucans  1-2 yr. old hen, had surgery on her toe, beautiful bird $2700.00,  

Keel Billed Toucan Late 2016 hatch Hen $3300.00 

Keel Billed Toucans Babies just weaned Male $3900.00

Guyana Toucanets  Hand fed babies $1,500.00 each

Curl Crested Aracaries Hand fed Babies $4500.00 each 

Collared Aracaries Hand fed Babies $1950.00 each 

Crimson Rumped Aracaries Hand fed Babies $1750.00 each 

Green Aracari 5-6 years old, proven pair: $4000.00 pr. (price will go up the closer we get to breeding season again)

Fairy Blue Birds, ready to breed in spring 2018, 4 years old CB.$2200.00 pair 

Blue Crowned Pigeons Being hand fed now and and weaned $2150.00 each

Victoria Blue Crowned Pigeons Hand fed babies $2500.00 each

Black Necked Swan adult male, fun bird ! $900.00 

Blue Crowned pigeons Parent raised young 3 year old pair $5500.00 pair

Von  Der Decken's Hornbills Proven pair 4-10 year old $1100.00 pair  

Trumpeter Hornbill 2017 hatch, Hand fed baby , just weaned $1600.00  ( 1 male left, Baby Louie)

Greater Indian Hill Mynah Bird 7 year old hen $1100.00

Green Wood Hoopie hen $550.00  

Yellow Naped Amazon , talks, unsexed $700.00

Yellow Naped Amazons, proven pair for breeding, hen is half Blue front Very verbal talking & singing  1200.00 pair

Yellow Naped Amazon Talking male,  ragged tail and wing flight feathers male $500.00

Yellow Nape / Blue front cross hen, talks and sings very well $1200.00 

Green Cheeked Conures, Just weaned Hand fed Baby, slight leg issue $160.00 

Green Cheeked Conures, VERY Fun pair, very interactive $550.00 pair with self standing breeding cage. 

Leopard Tortoises, Captive bred babies $90.00 each

Aldabra Tortoise 36 inch male, 260 lbs.  $29,500.00

Aldabra Tortoise 31 inch male  "back leg motor issues" $5000.00 

Aldabra Tortoise approximately 18 inch unsexed  $9,200.00 each ( 5 this size ) ( 2 pending sales )

Aldabra Tortoise, almost ready to breed pair $65,000.00

We have sold 100's of Aldabra tortoises over the last 20 years. FREE Pick up or delivery to anywhere.
WANTED: Toco Toucan Male, Trumpeter Hornbill Male, Swainsons Toucan Hen, Black Necked Swan Hen, Kookaburra Males, 

Have a collection of birds you would like to sell us ? please email list...Thank you....