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Birds For Sale

Toucan Jungle Availability list as of 12/19/2013  

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Prices and availability can and do change daily !!!!

1       Nanday Conure adult male $150.00

2       Emma White-eared Conure males  200.00 each

6      Trumpeter Hornbills, $1800.00 pair, single males $850.00 each

2       Swainsons Toucans, Young pair aproximately 3 years old $13,000.00 pair

1       East African Crowned Crane, super cool hen $1850.00

2       Derbyan Parakeets, 2 hand fed males 2012 hatch, tame $600.00 each

1       Dorcorps Cockatoo, 2012 hatch, Hand fed super sweet bird $1200.00

2       Double Yellow heahed Amazons, tame and talking pair $2000.00 pair

 5 - Aldabra Tortoises 18" - 20" $6500.00 each

     Aldabra Tortoises, 4"-5" size, Captive bred 1-2 year old $1750.00 each

to view some of our Aldabra Tortoises we are in the process of starting a new educational & Informational Web site just for Aldabra Tortoises:

Note: We are in sunny California,we will not ship birds into harsh weather areas during the winter months.